What is a dedicated donor and how do you develop one?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about development and fundraising, it’s that acquiring a new donor is a very difficult process. More and more every year, people are inundated with opportunities to donate to charitable institutions in their communities, the nation and the world. So, how does anyone decide which organization will benefit from their support?
The answer to that question is the key to successful development and fundraising for any organization. I’ve found that there are many answers to this question. However, the answer I get most often from donors is that they give to organizations and causes that they are most passionate about. The second most common answer is that they give to organizations that truly value their donation and make an effort to show that appreciation as often as possible.

It is often tempting to try to persuade a potential donor into supporting your cause. If they just knew everything about your organization, they would surely decide to offer support. Occasionally that works, but a more successful approach is to make every interaction about the donor. Build a relationship around THEIR passion. Donors want to use their philanthropy to make a difference in the world.

That’s what Developing Dedicated Donors is all about: helping your donors discover what they can do THROUGH you. In future posts I will be touching on the many aspects of development that will help you in your day-to-day engagement with your donors including authentic engagement with donors, retaining donors, and building relationships to turn prospects into loyal supporters of your cause. I will provide ideas and strategies so that you, too, can develop dedicated donors for your organization!


About dknotek2015

I am a Development Director for the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Having worked in the Development and Alumni Relations Department for the past eight years, I have a unique background in development, philanthropy, and relationship building. I am a University of Nevada, Reno alum as well as a current MBA candidate. You could say I am silver and blue through and through! I am passionate about helping others. I understand how important education is to our local community, the nation, and the world. I remember struggling as a student to finish my own education, and how grateful I was when I received support through the generosity of others. As a professional, I excel at securing private donations which support the students, faculty, programs, and research of the College of Science. I am uniquely qualified to bring potential donors together with areas about which they are passionate and feel compelled to support.
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