Attended a great development webinar lately? I have!

We’ve all been invited to them, we’ve all sat through them, we’ve all survived them…..barely!  The dreaded webinar.  They’re very popular these days, and often practical – at least as far as the cost.  Your entire development team can listen to them and, in theory, get lots of practical tips, suggestions, and ideas.


But what usually happens……the person leading the webinar talks a lot about themselves, or their organization, but the content isn’t useful or is just plain boring!

So, to my amazement I attended a webinar today that was really quite good.  Excellent in fact!  It was Gail Perry’s webinar titled “Skyrocket Your Fundraising with a Systematic Major Gifts Program“.  Here’s just a few of the many takeaways that I garnered from Gail:

  • The importance of a picture to tell your organizations/programs story
  • You can actually raise more money with fewer prospects (because you can give the attention they need!)
  • A huge part of the cultivation process is turning “suspects” (I love that term!) into prospects
  • Your major donors are sleeping inside your donor files
  • Ladies give at a higher percentage than men
  • You should rate your prospects not only by giving level but by “hot/warm/cold”
  • To figure out your goal you should add up the potential of your prospect list and commit to raising 1/3 of it.
  • Rule of thumb: you should have 3 prospects for every gift you want to close
  • “If you want money, ask for advice; if you want advice, ask for money”
  • When in doubt – shut up!”
  • Many ideas to get your board members involved
  • What to consider before you ask
  • The importance of a monthly strategy session and specific things to discuss during them
  • The importance of moves management

And, that’s just what I could write down in my notes.  This webinar was packed full of great advice – it was clear that Gail knows her stuff!  As an added bonus, the webinar was interesting and even funny at times.  Gail doesn’t take herself too seriously – which is refreshing, to say the least!  After all, development should be FUN.

Thanks for offering this Gail!  I’m trying to talk my department into your 6 month mentoring program – it sounds fantastic!

Have you been to a truly meaningful webinar lately?  If so (or if not) leave a comment below.



About dknotek2015

I am a Development Director for the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Having worked in the Development and Alumni Relations Department for the past eight years, I have a unique background in development, philanthropy, and relationship building. I am a University of Nevada, Reno alum as well as a current MBA candidate. You could say I am silver and blue through and through! I am passionate about helping others. I understand how important education is to our local community, the nation, and the world. I remember struggling as a student to finish my own education, and how grateful I was when I received support through the generosity of others. As a professional, I excel at securing private donations which support the students, faculty, programs, and research of the College of Science. I am uniquely qualified to bring potential donors together with areas about which they are passionate and feel compelled to support.
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4 Responses to Attended a great development webinar lately? I have!

  1. stefanie givens says:

    I also really enjoyed this webinar. For me, the idea of breaking out your prospect list into the “Top 10”, “Top 20”, and “Top 30” really made sense.


  2. Brian Saeman says:

    Great webinar with some very useful suggestions.

    Liked by 1 person

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