This week’s post that made me stop and think

SnailMailI almost passed right by this post.  It was Ann Green’s post titled “Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Direct Mail”.

I subscribe to Ann’s blog because she gives no-nonsense, useful, and timely advice.  So when I saw this piece I was intrigued.  After all, direct mail is a thing of the past…..right?

Not necessarily.

I just had a conversation with our Director of Annual Giving recently on the very same topic.  We’re working on an entire annual giving program – from student philanthropy, to engaging young alumni, to bumping up our annual donors to a higher giving level.  Basically, we’re building our donor pipeline, one step at a time.  It’s been her experience that direct mailings often result in more donations than other options.  Interesting!

In today’s social age of communication, most organizations are jumping on the social media bandwagon as the primary way to get their message out.  Everything you read points out that if you aren’t already communicating via social media, you are missing out!

Actually, both are true.  Direct mail is still a viable option AND social media is a very effective form of communication also.

That’s why I picked “Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Direct Mail” as this week’s post that made me stop and think.  It very clearly points out that direct mail is still a viable option when considering various communications with donors.

Here’s a snapshot of what I learned from this post:

  • The importance of asking your donors how they prefer to hear from you – and how their answers can impact your effectiveness.
  • Use various methods, but communicate by direct mail at least 4 times per year.
  • Personal communications such as thank you notes and cards are better received via direct mail.
  • Printed newsletters shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for older donors or prospects who may not read it online.
  • Consider sending various, short program updates, sharing accomplishments and successes.

Here’s the bottom line.  Mixing up communications to your constituents is the key.

Thanks Ann for reminding us that we shouldn’t throw out the direct mail option just yet.  It’s still an effective option… least for now.

Is direct mail still effective in your organization?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Photo Credit:  Snail Mail


About dknotek2015

I am a Development Director for the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Having worked in the Development and Alumni Relations Department for the past eight years, I have a unique background in development, philanthropy, and relationship building. I am a University of Nevada, Reno alum as well as a current MBA candidate. You could say I am silver and blue through and through! I am passionate about helping others. I understand how important education is to our local community, the nation, and the world. I remember struggling as a student to finish my own education, and how grateful I was when I received support through the generosity of others. As a professional, I excel at securing private donations which support the students, faculty, programs, and research of the College of Science. I am uniquely qualified to bring potential donors together with areas about which they are passionate and feel compelled to support.
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